We desire choice like we desire to breath

Today I am going to chat about a controversial topic that effects everyone including men. You might think at first how does a choice , one single choice effect me? How is it that everyone is going crazy about this idea of planned parent hood having to decide between abortions or staying open? Are we allowing people to forget the initial importance of each other, and would the right decision be the correct decision in this matter?

Right now, I am going to give you my opinion on the matter what makes this a monumental drop in human intelligence. What young kids are focusing now is on a girl who started a trend that is sad “ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrtSOTGNqA8” “Cash me outside girl has driven our social media into a frenzy making our youth less away of some pretty awful things that will effect them later in life. I would like to say that it is not coincidental that she gained so much fame, but it seems as if she is the perfect distraction to the getting rid of planned parenthood scheme that our president is trying to do.

What you don’t know or you might know but have little understanding of is our federal government threatened to defend planned parenthood, but have now given an ultimatum. The ultimatum is to get rid of abortions. Yes. Our government wants to rid another important life decision that effects every person in the United States regardless of gender. You might think how does this effect me? Why does this effect me? Where might we see an agreement that is reasonable here?

Have you sat on the tip of a fence with it jabbing into your private spots because what’s underneath you on either side is unsettling?

Planned parenthood is the person unsure of which side to take because either side is a loss to them. If you think about being defunded will effect millions of people, and stopping aide with the process of abortions would eliminate a lot of trust in their company.

I am a woman. I am a human being. I can give birth. I can take away birth. Have you ever as a child heard the words “ I brought you into this world, I could of taken you out of it?” By your mother? I know I have which taught me respect to my mother. Our choice to give birth or not is being limited. Those that will have the decision are those that provide enough money or extra money to make that decision. No longer will the poor have a choice on birth which means the already limitations set on them will be even smaller.

I’m a woman born to a poor family, raised in a poor family, but I have driven myself to become educated because I do not always want to be in this situation. However, if I make one mistake and decide I don’t want to keep it the decision will be taken from me, and the state will say “You did the deed , you deal with the result.”

How this will effect the men?

A man typically has no right to argue with a woman about her body, or what she does with it. But by ridding our ability of choice we are ridding a man’s ability to leave, or to not take responsibility/ Funny enough I find this a double bladed sword. Of course, birth control is apart of both parties but mistakes happen. So, due to this men will have to be more careful about who they take to bed with them again, and who they can trust. Not all bad for us women but — I would much rather have a choice in my body which allows the man more freedom.

What you need to know before I go

Planned parenthood does not fund abortions. Yes. This sounds so funny. Why did you write a post that they do? Indirectly, planned parenthood does some pretty valuable work with it, and if Obama was still in office they would continue to uncover ways to help out in that area even paying for them but this is all under the rug. If they agree to the offer by the government we would lose any help they do give, but I doubt planned parent hood would allow this? But did you know they make the most money off of abortion help?


So, where do you stand?

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Jessica Cote

Jessica Cote


I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.