We are time travelers

If you ever wonder how writer’s can imagine a world thousands of years in the past or even thousands of years in the future it is because our side job is time traveling secretly. I mean how else would we be able to describe dinosaurs or flying cars? So, what makes us able to create worlds that are not in the same time period as our own? What makes writers capable of creating worlds like Hogwarts, or Middle Earth? I find that the writing in the Harry Potter series is concise and coherent. It flows like the wind that makes a sailboat ride faster. In the series, you can see how J.K Rowling used simple words for descriptions that jumped out to us like her description “sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind…. At these times… I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one’s mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one’s leisure.” (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Albus Dumbledore) If you read the Goblet of Fire, and then read The Cursed Child you find that a lot of the events make sense. It was cleverly done but not the best quality of a story. Anyways, Our greatest gift as writers is simplicity. We don’t want to over do our writing with sentence that feel clunky, or written extensively. You can not call yourself a writer if you do have a desire read books. I call it the ability to enjoy your own job, and to research what other writers create. We need to explore other types of style to help enhance our own work. It would do us no good if we did not share a overbearing need to read worlds anew. I hate the writers who say they write but never read a decent book. I think every writer should have a favorite writer or two at least on their list of must reads. I would suggest Edgar Allen Poe for tragic horror, or J.K Rowling for fantasy. Most writers have read more than ten books, and invest more time reading than we do doing chores. ( Ok. maybe I invest a little more time into video games but I do read right before bed. My current read is After Alice by Gregory Maguire. It’s been entertaining to say the least which is another example of how writers can implant us into the past as if we were there for that time period. Magicians we are.) Don’t fear your voice. The problem with us writers are we are introverts.Time for me means nothing when I can watch the world pass, and hear the breathing of someone I admire. I could say over and over that I hate my voice but someone in the world would point out it’s beautiful no matter what I think. The same can be said when we read aloud. It helps us hear how our words have an effect in someone’s ears. I don’t tend to read aloud even though everyone says it will help the way I write a lot. I find it’s more of a way to boost my morale about my own voice. Invest some time into enjoying the sound of your own voice.

Another important feature for us writers is having a perfect place to write out our thoughts. I hate that some writers are super picky about where or when to write. I don’t need a quiet place to think. I actually prefer a little background noise for my own thoughts. Anywhere can be a great place to write because it provides us with a better understanding of the words coming to the page. If you lock yourself in a room for hours with no sound writing will start to feel more like a chore rather than something we do because we have to. Writing is not an option, or a hobby for a writer it is something we can not live without like breathing. My last piece of advice is not to study the craft like every other writer will preach. You become another robot when you do that. If you want to create fresh writing you write your own way, and read other’s writing. There is no reason to look up how to books when every writer knows writing should just flow. We shouldn’t have to be told what to write, or how to make it. Our goal is to write what we want, and fix it so that others will enjoy it. I always hate being told to study the craft after containing a Bachelor’s degree in it. It’s like asking a fish how to swim when the fish naturally can do it. Write like you can’t not write. It’s better to just throw out words onto a blank page and hope sentence after sentence follows. These are my tips to you today my fellow time traveler.



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