The age of searching and what it reveals

Google released the top twenty sixteen searches that people made on the web recently. I know you are wondering how I can relate an average person’s search to humanity? What I read showed me that even as a humanist our world is turning to the age of anger. A slow progress where people get mad over money, divulge their bank accounts into what they want, and not what they need. I find this a fascinating discovery as it tells me what people are focused on searching or doing when they could be focusing on improving their life. ( Jk ..Jk I have been guilty of this too) But I am going to relate people’s searches to how it relates to humanity with my hypothesis of how we are becoming an age of anger as years progress.Our top categories for the year involved money, music, and natural disasters. I find this a highly interesting display of the psyche of the national mind. Our number one search on the web has been the power-ball. Money, Money, and more Money. I find this kind of disgraceful as a person when there are more problematic issues that need attention. The greens are lovely, the greens are grand, but are the greens able to keep us happy is the real question?

  • Lotto

In the age of anger, Money would be the most sought out commodity as people desire more things than they need, and yearn to have millions of dollars and not share. It’s like people have forgotten about the meaning in being kind, and true. Kindness gets you farther than anger. We can do so much with money to make other people jealous but no one looks at the powerball as a means to better people who are less fortunate. The truth is that people desire more money because we are bred by consumerism to want more. It is quite the merry go round if you think about it. Our nation has provided us with higher costs on everything, and very little change to our pay rates, or housing costs. If you think about people do have a right to be angry, but the real problem rests in the fact that we get enamored by large amounts of money like $1.56 billion which was the highest amount for a lotto Jackpot in a long time.

  • Prince

Secondly in the age of anger, we have lost a wonderful musician who was great at the use of making music. One of the greatest tributes to price I found was Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to him. I believe Prince was one of the top searchable people because he was such an amazing person. I think about how even when I was younger my mother would make sure I heard his music. Unlike the power-ball, I have a firm belief that if we followed the idea that music heals the soul people would search prince up far more often. I think humanity is made of good and bad. We can see curiosity and desire play out with the need to check the powerball jackpot but we can see the good when people want to learn more about a monumental figure who did so much for not only the people, but for music. I am a firm believer that this proves the bipolarity of the people. Some are fed by greens, and others find music to be our salvation.


Apparently, We love the idea of catching invisible Pokemon while walking with our cell phones. ( I use to play but as the game sucked up more data I became limited in the idea.) I am a lover of all things Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon is this little guy-

I caught so many Eevees that I had to close my account I swear. My idea as to why this is such a top searches thing is that it is old school from my generation, and new school for the new kids in school. By the way, the new game I hear is pretty interesting Pokemon Sun or Moon. I find this defies the age gap in generations as people of all ages were playing it and gathering together. If you are curious of what the actual list looks like just go here: I find it fascinating that we are a nation that loves pokemon, money, and music. Let’s give it up to the revelation that we are a bipolar nation considering how the election looked. Do you guys have any insights on this? Anyways, I’ll be doing more short stories posts, exotic love posts, and a news post soon. Remember to spread the love, share the love, comment, and keep in touch.

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I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.

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Jessica Cote

Jessica Cote

I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.

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