Let’s be a generation of Sharers

You can look back on the generation of the Millennials to find broken dating habits, faces in phones, drunk escapes, and lots of food pictures. But what if I told you we could become known as the generation of sharers in positivity, hope, and adventure.

What constitutes as Shareable

Most people share content on social media for three reasons which explain the core of what we see on our feeds these days. Our first reason being Utility. We like to share content that is helpful, thoughtful, and newsworthy. For instance, If you just found out you are having a little belly child and wanted the world to know, or if you thought that a you-tube life-hack video about orange juice fruition was amazing. Honestly, I like to share a lot of dating advice ( I don’t follow), advice on personality, and any news I find useful about my day to day life. I love to chitter about the way the world works, and I tend to follow that in my writing.

Entertaining content is shared because we are a world consumed in not wanting to be bored in such a not so boring world. This is why we the cash me outsside chick making millions- or even Kim Kardashian having her own show. People decide what we find entertaining, and often entertainment is a form of an escape. Sharing things makes us feel good, and entertainment always feels great to us.

Inspiration comes from within. I love to share content that inspires fruition of creation, or inspiration to believe in yourself. Its like being seen a personal trainer in helping someone’s heart keep ticking when all its doing is going t-i-c-k in slow motion. I want to reinvest you feelings into a bright light, make you smile like the sun never had a chance, and I want you to feel the moon’s gleam as it tries to make hope for you.


I want us to start sharing content that is meaningful- not insulting, not destructive, and not with anger. I want to see shares that people see the good someone is doing and support them even when the pain is too great for them to handle.

I want you to share content from your soul and watch us spread it around faster than the plague. I want to know that literature is still soundly and safely being read. I want us to share content that makes our youth alive with inspiration, and education about the future.

I want us to be a world that we no longer determine likes or shares based off of snap chat photos, or photos in general. I want us to love each other to the point that we no longer bury our faces in our phones pretending the world doesn’t exist. I don’t want us crying about our hate for someone because somewhere out there someone is dealing with a loss of a loved one. We must remember we are the broken, loved, damned, and caring kind of 90’s generation. Let’s love each other like we love Nintendo.

I can’t express it in many words, but we need to change the generation of sharing from sharing bad posts to donating dollars at your coffee shop, buying books, and sharing your adventure when talking to actual people.



I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.