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We all have heard the saying “ Great writing looks easy but takes a lot of work.” You can’t just throw out your first draft of everything and expect the world to want to read your jargon every second of the day. Writing is an art and if we treated it like an artist treats their painting or drawing we realize they erase or cover up the parts that get messed up. Writers have it easier. We can just hit a delete button to rid ourselves of such an issue. However, when a work gets published, and readers find mistakes on it we can’t just fix the mistakes. It becomes written in unerasable sand. We are changers, movers, and power pushers. We can’t pretend like our work is easy, or that being a writer is a quick walk to fame. It’s not how the world works. Sadly, only a fraction of us will see the light of fame as writers but if we work our fingers as hard as our hearts maybe someday our voice will find it’s place.

Anytime you write a piece it should have a meaning for the audience. If you can’t bring forth a passion for what is on the page or evoke an opinion out of your readers that makes them want to share your writing with their opinion about it. We need our readers to not notice our mistake, or to read our work so vehemently that they forget the flaws of our work. When you write an article that comes off as bland your readers can see that you lack the passion in the topic. I know it’s hard to make money writing about anything that you love but I find it’s a waste of time if you do not love the topic you are writing an article for. I hate politics like to an extreme that is nearly scary. I’ve written a blog post about how much I despise the presidential race this year. I was so passionate about Pikachu winning the race that I think his little rat thunder bolts would help us as a society. I don’t pick topics that bore me because if the topic doesn’t make my mind race than the words on the page will fall flat. When you write professional writing for magazine a lot of writers leave their style sitting on the floor at home. Writing is a charismatic job. You can’t just leave behind your style because your readers will see the lack of it. Charisma might not seem as important as it does to a striper but we like to have style in our work. I’ve read articles just sound like a robot wrote it. Those are the worst to read. I mean where is the personality in saying Trump’s wall is going to save us? I would rather hear the words that a giant metal wall spanning from underground to the sky is trying to save us except planes exist and no one wants to actually keep people out. Rather we want to keep people in. Silly story about walls they tend to keep people in not out.

Anyways, I find the best way to keep an article flowing is through using non fancy words. You can’t fill a pool if it’s full of rocks. If I littered this post with fancy jargon you would stop reading as soon as you got to paragraph two. Your best bet when writing professional writing is to not fear using regular words or even allowing your style to shine a bit. I bet magazines get more attention if you give it flare. You can’t build a home when using twigs. The same idea goes for writing on any topic. If you can’t make the words flow on the page you won’t keep the reader’s interest. My number one pet peeve is when a writer says “ I can’t think of anything to write.” If you can’t think of anything to write do a chore, walk, or even look up the news to find something interesting you like. There is never nothing to write.

You want a natural flow with writing. You want people to be awed with your work on every topic. Your voice should be active or sound passionate on paper just like you would if you were giving an important speech. I can’t stress enough that people love obscure speeches. So write obscurely. If you think your topic is too personal or too revealing continue to write it till your heart heals. Great article writing takes particular understanding of your audience. You can’t write about clown power if you’re trying to target an eight year old audience. Audience is important. They are the food that feeds the belly of the writer. What is the saying “ if you know your audience you know what you can get away with.” If you don’t know your audience it’s like performing on stage behind a curtain. Your writing may or may not reach their ears, and with the uncertainty the beauty of your words will fall into a void. I will say write like your heart is on your sleeve and people will come chasing after your pages. One page at a time and you will find yourself rolling out word after word. Alright, so I have another what’s trending post to get out, and a humanism post. So, look forward to those dears. If you will so gently click on my donations buttons to help me get you more relevant material I would gladly appreciate. Donate and give me a topic to write about. ❤ Thank you again.



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Jessica Cote

Jessica Cote


I am just a girl among the many fish in the sea. A writer among the many dreamers, and a socialist among others.